Birthday Countdown: Outfit Ideas

Only 2 days left, eeek! Contrary to past few years, I actually have a party planned this year. I will be by the sea with my girls and I’m very (of course) excited. No, I don’t have whole outfit planned yet, but if I could have whatever my heart desired, I’d go for something like this. Boho, playful and summery, but at the same time very classy. High waisted shorts by day and high waisted jeans by night, both paired with a colorful crop top. I’m in colorful mood lately, which is a bit surprising since I’ve always been more of a all-black kinda girl, but summer does that to me and I’m not complaining!

Also, this year I have a special head gear prepared (and no, that little headband in collage is there just to get the idea, it’s something much bigger and awesomer), which will sure be the center of attention, so everything else will have be more subtle. That’s all I’m gonna say for now, but I’m sure there will be hundred of photos to show you later. Getting excited now!

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350 Birthday Countdown: Outfit Ideas

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Home, Sweet Home

Just popping in for a minute to inform you I’m finally back home from my Italian trip, safe and sound (although I’d probably need another vacation just to recuperate from this one). Anyways, hopefully everything will get back to normal soon, I just need to catch on sleep and then I’m fully prepared with lots of material and new ideas. I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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Birthday Countdown: 22 Bucket List

Only 10 days left! Looking back now, I’d say I had quite a good year in terms of achieving things, experiencing and generally living a good life. For one, now I can say I saw one Direction live! haha But I’ve been thinking about what I want to do in my 22 and came up with a short bucket list.

a9d2c7f5b76b6073012afbefdcf22f7a Birthday Countdown: 22 Bucket List

1. Try out singing lessons
When I was little, all I wanted was to be was singer. I enjoyed performing in front of everyone that was prepared to watch me. Parents signed me up for singing lessons when I was 6, but the lesson ended quickly as the shy myself ran out before it even began. I’m now older and thought I’d try it again. I mean, the worst thing that could happen is, they tell me I suck and I can go on with my life knowing I tried.

6b3a79ae6cd5bab3294722acf2cedf9a Birthday Countdown: 22 Bucket List

2. See Justin Timberlake live
Next on my concert wishlist is Justin Timberlake. I’ve been a fan since I was like 13, I know every song by heart and his shows must be amazing.

3. Travel
To at least one yet unknown destination. I want a new and fresh adventure. (Writing this from my current journey and already dreaming about another, geeze)

4. Work even harder
This year I realized that internet really is my passion, so I want to expand my knowledge and work even harder to make this my carrer.

14096ddbe7d0708ff96deaf89dab32cf Birthday Countdown: 22 Bucket List

5. Ride around on Vespa
I think it’s obvious Italy got under my skin. Everyone here is riding one and it looks so fun! Besides, it’s all I need to get around my city, since it’s so small.

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OOTD: Love Affair in Rome

This city is like first love, you can never forget it. Life instantly feels better when you sit on the spanish steps. Or discover the New Rome where you can find peace and enjoy the monuments completely alone. Piece by piece I’m discovering the city and falling in love over and over again. Sadly, I have to say goodbye for now, but I know I’ll be back soon!

20140714 200958 72598884 OOTD: Love Affair in Rome

20140714 200958 72598751 OOTD: Love Affair in Rome

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Weekly inspiration

Hello there! Sorry I missed my usual Monday post, the internet here is kinda crappy. But on the other hand, I’m enjoying Italy, so internet will have to wait.

We’re currently enjoying ourselves in Rome, where looking around gives you instant inspirational boost. If I’d be more up front, I could literally shot street style all day long. Instead I’m just making mental pictures for myself and trying to use them when getting ready in the morning. Whenever I’m on vacations the boho wave gets to me and this time is no different.

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