The Art of Unfinished Things

The journey of me not finishing anything started very soon. Quit gymnastics in 1st grade after a month, colored in just half of the picture in coloring book, quit piano lessons just a month before finishing 3rd year, stopped learning German in 7th grade, [still] living in semi furnished apartment, quitting every work-out class after few sessions, gave up on DIY projects before they’re done, leaving every notebook half empty… Get a point?
 photo unfinished_things2.jpg

Finishing things is hard for me and it’s something I’m very angry at myself for. Every now and then I try to change this bad habit, but always fail. Eventually I got used to it and accepted the fact that it will always be a part of me. It’s not okay at all, but chances are it will never change, so I might as well call it art. On that note, keep this in mind when there’s a long posting pause happening, because chances are, post pile is getting longer, but none in fact gets finished. :)

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Also, I’m hoping to start kind of themed weekly post series, where I will talk about some deeper and more personal things. Some will be also connected to fashion, some not so much… Would you be interested to read more posts like this? Let me know!


How I Imagine my Spring?

Sun is out, birds are singing, March just started, that to me is a sign of spring time. Which means one huge thing – wardrobe change! Boots out, bare ankles in. Right now, all I can think of are sneakers, oversized sweaters and shirts with skinny jeans. Black, grey and black still rule my closet and I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon!

 photo sweater-spring.jpg
 photo 925dcaa6-7dad-482d-8b1f-0c2ab6546cc1.jpg
 photo black-white.jpg
 photo lace-spring.jpg
 photo leather-sweater-spring.jpg


Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup – 5th March

Fashion Junkie once again got featured in the IFB Weekly Roundup, this time with a post about getting out of winter funk. This post was a bit more personal than it looks at first, that’s why it feels even better to be chosen on such large blogger’s platform. Here’s the complete list, enjoy reading and have a lovely weekend! ♥

links a la mods

Fashion Shades of Grey

Fashion month has come and gone. What have we learned? IFB bloggers found celebrations of motherhood, diversity, and technology, as well as fear of empty spaces (!) on the runway. OK maybe that last one’s not a celebration, but interesting nonetheless. We also celebrated our amazing mothers, color trends for spring, wedding inspiration, and more. Peruse the best of the week below!

Links à la Mode: March 5

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How to Get Rid of Winter Blues?

It’s no secret winter can be heavy to get through, one way or another. It’s easier to get comfy on the couch and forget about the reality. When the (cold) real world doesn’t sound as good as hiding under the warmest blanket and re-watch old Friends episodes… Add all the stress from exam period and you’re bound to be stuck under there forever, letting life pass you by while you doze off. Melancholy, anxiety, apathy, even depression can come knocking soon. How to prevent that? The easy answer would be, less time on the couch, but how to accomplish that? Let’s see.

1. Get your sleeping cycle on track. Believe me, it helps a lot when you get whole 8 hours of sleep every night.
 photo happy-sleep.jpg
2. Switch TV for book. Try putting down all electronics before you go to sleep and instead picking up a good book. Doesn’t have to be a hard classic at all, shallower it is, easier is to doze off, I discovered.
 photo happy-books.jpg
3. Socialize. Don’t close yourself up. Yes, it’s still cold and you have long to-do list, but one coffee a week with friends won’t hurt your schedule, nor you. If your schedule allows, try and fill your day with activities as much as possible.
 photo happy-thoughts.jpg
4. Eat, think, listen happy. That’s important – Don’t give into the negativity! Try creating new memories, instead of re-living the old ones.
 photo eat-happy.jpg
5. Dress with feeling. It may sound funny, but dressing according to what you feel definitely helps lift your spirits. So don’t just pick up the first shirt that comes under your fingers, think about what would make you feel better and dress the part! (even if that means going all black for a month straight…)
 photo happy-wear.png