Weekly inspiration

After the sad incident on Thursday, I’m now computerless. Until I get back the repaired or buy new one at least. Will find out soon which will it be… Until then, I’m moving to Instagram and pressing pause on blogging. It’s just too much of a pain in the (insert certain body part here) to keep doing it on the mobile devices. Still wish you a good start of the week, luv ya!

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Shopping for Fall

If we skip the fact, that the real summer is not even here yet and focus on Fall for a second… I’m freaking excited. August is not even over, yet I think I found the perfect shoes for colder seasons… Let’s just say ZARA is not the safest place for my wallet right now. Nor is ASOS and all the other online stores, for that matter. I bet you can all see the pattern in that list down there. Black, casual, comfortable, minimalistic you say? Bingo! Now’s your turn: What will your Fall look like?

c900x881 Shopping for Fall

350 Shopping for Fall

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OOTD: High Black Pants

Ah, my beloved black pants… You actually don’t see them posted so often, but I am a bit obsessed with them in reality. They’re like my everyday-life uniform. A staple, necessity and investment that pays off itself!

high jeans3 OOTD: High Black Pants
high jeans2 OOTD: High Black Pants
Mine are from Topshop, but you can also find few alternatives within the same price range down below:

350 OOTD: High Black Pants

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Weekly inspiration

Every now and then I stumble upon a quote that gets stuck in my head and makes me think. Like this one! Success is not easy and is certainly not for the lazy. It’s so on point, I cannot not include it in this post. It’s my inspiration for the week after all. Well, not just for the week, hopefully it’ll stick until I get at least something done. Talking ’bout a lazy bum…

inspiration 18 Weekly inspiration

p.s: How do you like today’s minimalistic weekly inspiration post? I thought I’d do something fresh for a change…

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Tattoo: Girl Got Inked…

Well… It was bound to happen. I got inked again! Tattoo fever stroked again, so I got another candy on my arm. As the fifth one, it’s kinda special and… temporary! Had you fooled, huh?

I recently found this awesome tttattoo.com site and immediately order few temporary tattoos for myself. I mean, it’s summer and it’s right to have a little fun! I went with I am a princess for the arm and I think it looks very cool (so cool I might even get something permanent on this spot someday…). What do you think about my summer ink? Can I sit with the cool kids now?

tttattoo Tattoo: Girl Got Inked...
tttattoo3 Tattoo: Girl Got Inked...
tttattoo2 Tattoo: Girl Got Inked...
*ps, this is not a sponsored post, I just love tattoos (duuh!)

SIGNATURE Tattoo: Girl Got Inked...