Beauty: Make Up Essentials

One would say my make up is minimalistic, another natural, but I’d name it simply stripped to bare essentials. And those are? Good foundation and mascara, simple as that. I’m not big on experimenting in the morning, so through the last few years I perfected my routine to the point I can do it in 10 minutes, still half asleep. Products may change, but concept stays the same.

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Primer: Discovered it in summer and now I swear by it. It’s Sephora’s Smoothing primer. It’s cheap, but it makes all the difference in keeping the foundation on the face all day.

Foundation: I’m a big fan of MAC. I’ve dabbled in Benefit for a while, but then certain makeup artist opened my eyes about the yellow undertone of my skin. Enough to say, I’m now hooked on Pro Longwear NC 20 for life. It gives just enough coverage for everyday use and looks absolutely amazing. I recently made mistake of listening to another MUA and ended up purchasing Studio Sculpt in a shade lighter, which I now have to mix with L’Oreal True Match C2 Rose Vanilla to make it work. While it gives much more coverage and really flawless result, it’s also much more difficult to work with than the Pro Longwear.

make up, essentials, blogger, beauty, cosmetic, MAC, Benefit, foundation, fashion junkie

Press Powder: To fixate the foundation, I use two things. Revlon’s Nearly Naked Press Powder in Fair Clair or MAC’s Prep+Prime transparent finishing powder. Sometimes both, sometimes just one or another, depends on a day.

Blush/Bronzer: I still swear on my Benefit Rockateur blush/bronzer. Always on my cheeks, I love it that much I literally don’t have any other.

make up, essentials, blogger, beauty, cosmetic, MAC, Benefit, foundation, fashion junkie

Mascara: Currently I have MAC’s In Extreme Dimension 3D and it works miracles!

Eyeshadow: I use it just to give my eyes some dimension – it’s from Barry M Natural Glow palette, I think it’s called Tan (you can see which one of all is used the most…) .

Brows: A bit of eyebrow gel, just to keep them in place. I don’t think my gigantic brows need anything else, beside regular tweezers action…

make up, essentials, blogger, beauty, cosmetic, MAC, Benefit, foundation, fashion junkie
Now that you know all my make up secrets, it’s your turn! Comment down below what are some of your MU essentials you can’t bare to live without!


Fashion Ramblings: Ode to Black Color

I think we can all agree black is the ultimate color when it comes to fashion and clothes in general. I for one, can’t get enough of black everything. Just as a proof of my appreciation of black things, there is a little collage of my morning outfit snaps through last few months. Pants, shoes, tops, bags, scarves, you name it! Consider this post as my personal ode to this color that’s isn’t even considered a color. But it’s indeed my favorite one. Why exactly do we love it so much?

 photo black.jpg

 photo black-outfits.jpg

It goes with literally every thing in the closet. I haven’t found one thing that wouldn’t match to something black. Did you? You can play around with it forever and never get bored! It’s appropriate for all occasions. Just like it’s a great combination piece, you can also wear everywhere. School, work, fancy dinners, movie nights, the list is endless. And doesn’t it give you that “bad-ass” and elegant feeling at the same time? I always feel so put together wearing it.

Can I confess just one more thing? I just love it. Now scroll down to the comments section and tell me if you love it as much as I do!

 photo my-black-outfits.jpg


OOTD: Girls Night Out

They say all you need for a perfect Friday night is red lipstick and your girls! While my 2015 started of by drowning in school and work never-ending to-do list, I decided to get myself a little weekend break and celebrate small victories of productive week behind me. Girls night out was just what doctor ordered to lighten up and deflect for one evening!
 photo night-out3.jpg
 photo night-out2.jpg
 photo night-out.jpg
 photo night-out4.jpg
 photo night-out5.jpg

Weekly inspiration

Haven’t done this in a while… Lately I’ve had this strange urge to browse through old blog posts of my favorite bloggers. They inspired me once, so why not use them again… And I’ve got back into boho vibe with flowy dresses, oversized knit and messy hair. Don’t know if it ever really left the building, but it usually reappears in the summer, not in the middle of winter (if we can even call it that right now…). To tell you the truth, it feels so natural and effortless. Beside all black obsession I think I’ll give into my gypsy cravings.

 photo weekly-inspiration-19a.jpg
 photo weekly-inspiration-19b.jpg

photos from: Ring My Bell, Sincerely Jules, other blogs and tumblrs.