Review: Hicustom T-Shirt

I’m a huge fan of basic slogan T-shirts, so when Hicustom approached me to design my own, I jumped. For all that aren’t familiar with Hicustom, it’s a Chinese website for everything custom. T-shirts, cases, mugs, you name it. I wasn’t quite sure what to do at first, but at the end I went for the classic Keep Calm And… slogan. You can’t go wring with that! The shirt came out pretty great, don’t you think?

keep calm and Review: Hicustom T Shirt

keep calm and2 Review: Hicustom T Shirt
p.s.: They’re also giving away 10$ coupons for each new member, so head there to design something for yourself!

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DIY: Ideas August 2014

I had a perfect plan to let my creativity loose in July… But then the August came. Well, technically it’s not here yet, but you know what I mean. There are so many DIY projects that either I wanna try or they just look fab, so I did a small list and share it with you. Perhaps you get inspired and do something like it at home.

july diy DIY: Ideas August 2014

1. Open shoulder sweater – Can we all agree how fabulous this sweater looks?? I’m definitely doing this project by the end of the summer!

bejeweled sweater DIY: Ideas August 2014


2. Crystal studded shoes – I think by now, we all already know about my obsession with shiny shoes… When Miu Miu sneakers came out, I was so excited (and bummed at the same time, because obviously I couldn’t afford them), but seeing how I can make something equally shiny on my own made me even more excited!

bling shoes DIY: Ideas August 2014

source, source, source

3. Pearl necklace and rings – It’s the biggest trend right now and I’m kinda falling for it… I’m in a trend mood right now, what can I do.

pearl jewelry DIY: Ideas August 2014


4. Wired rings – It’s the easiest project out there, you can do so much with just a wire, a pair of pliers and your creativity, it’s insane!
wired jewelry DIY: Ideas August 2014


5. Cake stand – Why keep the pretty make up hidden in drawers, when you can show it off on a fabulous cake stand like this??
cake stand DIY: Ideas August 2014


6. Birthday headband – I kinda missed it, but it’s a great idea if your birthday is coming soon. In fact, you can skip the birthday and basically write whatever you want… Great prop for the next party!

birthday headband DIY: Ideas August 2014


Now what’s your next DIY gonna be? Share!

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Weekly inspiration

A weekend with barely any internet connection was quite refreshing. (With all the partying I didn’t even had time for it of course, even if the internet would work…) Not to mention how much reading and catching up I got now that I’m finally home. I love going places, but I also love spending the nights at my place, just chilling and browsing through everything I missed while I was gone, charging my batteries with some alone time. And now I can finally get around to write up all my Italy impressions and perhaps few longer posts, which were waiting by for so long now.

For today’s post, I went for the big inspirational one, as I skipped quite a few in last month. And I’m full of it, so I thought I’d shared it with you. Yes? Yes, okay! It’s a mix of somewhat springish and summerish things, just like the weather here is more like in April than in July. Not giving up on my dream of shorts and pretty dresses though… Have a good Tuesday!

weekly inspo 29a Weekly inspiration
weekly inspo 29b Weekly inspiration
weekly inspo 29c Weekly inspiration
weekly inspo 29d Weekly inspiration
Photos from: Sincerely, Jules, Fashion Toast, Ring My Bell, Chapter Friday, other blogs and tumblrs

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Birthday Countdown: Happy Birthday to Me!

When you’ll be reading this, I’ll be having fun by the sea! I’m taking the weekend off to party, have fun and catch up with my friends. Basically, everything you should do on your birthday. 21 was good, but 22 will be even better!

e0069cd4c7ec236c0a095356fca90aea Birthday Countdown: Happy Birthday to Me!

Make sure you follow my birthday festivities on Instagram, I’m sure there will be a lot of fun photos there in the next few days!

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Italy through Instagram

Happy Friday everybody! This week couldn’t get any more hectic and get by any faster, even if I’d tried. I literally turned around and it was over. And while I get through the last working day and prepare for my birthday trip to the sea, let’s all do some reminiscing about Italy. Imagine, just few days ago, I was strolling around Italian streets, getting gelato and living the life. Those were the days…

Italy inspired me a lot and that shows on my Instagram, as well as in my photo library, which now holds around 1000 photos more… Yea, I was snapping Italy away. What can I do, I love it and I wanted to capture as much as possible.

torino Italy through Instagram
Let’s go // Hi, Torino! // Excited as teenagers on One Direction concert

Torino2 Italy through Instagram
Breakfast // The best ice cream ever! // Lovely Torino

Torino3 Italy through Instagram
More ice cream // First shopping done

Genoa Italy through Instagram
Beautiful Genova // Bogliasco beach time

Genoa2 Italy through Instagram
Vinning in Genova // From where I stand // Travel time

Pisa Italy through Instagram
Pisa tower // Beautiful view and vine // chilling with a book // Selfie instead of classic tourist picture

Rome Italy through Instagram
Hello Rome // Seightseeing selfie // Empty Fontana di Trevi // From where I stand in Rome // Coffee and books // Gelato in New Rome

Rome2 Italy through Instagram
Special Magnum edition // Last night’s cocktails // Outfit from Rome

Florence Italy through Instagram
All black // Beautiful view // All black #2 // From where I stand in Florence

Bologna Italy through Instagram
Shopping in Bologna // First birthday present from Eva // Due Torri // Vinning in Bologna

Venice Italy through Instagram
Magical fireworks // Quote of the day // Last day on the beach // Sunset and me
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